You’re convinced your website should be generating more customers and revenue.

So why’s it not happening?

There are always things you can do right now to get more leads from your company’s website. Here are five to get you started:

  1. Base your decisions on data, not gut feel
    Use data available in your Google Analytics to make sure you’re targeting the right kinds of visitors, in the right way.
  2. Double check how easy it is to use your website
    Try and imagine you are your ideal customer. Now starting at the home page, try and find the information you need. I bet there are things you could do to make it easier on them!
  3. Review the content of your website
    Does it meet the needs of your potential customers? Does it answer their questions at every stage of their buying journey?
  4. Review your calls to action
    Call to action (‘CTAs’) make it easy for visitors to your site to take action. By making sure your web pages have CTAs on them, you’ll make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you, when they’re ready to.
  5. Build credibility and trust
    Can your potential customers tell how good you are? Are you telling them about real experiences of your other customers? Don’t forget to mention any affiliations that you have. Remember to provide helpful links in your blog posts to well-known websites in your sector.

Want to find out which of these you could do for your website? We’d love to give you a straight-talking digital marketing assessment in a free 30-minute call.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • an objective look at your website, where it’s doing well and where it could do better
  • practical advice on how to measure your return on investment
  • at least 3 actions you can take immediately to get more visitors, enquiries or sales

What you won’t get is… pushy follow-up phone calls!

If after your assessment, you think that Zanzi may be able to help you reach your online goals, we’ll schedule a meeting to find out whether we’re the right people for you to work with.

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