Improve Conversions by Connecting with your Audience

I really like the material on UX Booth, and wanted to point you in the direction of this recent article by Aaron Griffith. It offers some helpful, common sense suggestions.

In particular I’m keen to further review the tools he suggests for getting customer feedback about a website. I don’t have time to do that right now but, but including them on my blog should be a good ‘aide memoire’ for me.

So here they are:

Concept Feedback
A free feedback tool based on a community of designers, freelancers, and marketers (shameless plug for my own site!)

Feedback Army
This is a easy usability test for your site that only costs $10. Get text feedback from 10 other people about questions that you specify.
Another paid usability test that is low-cost and easy to sign up for. Has the ability to view users’ browsing session and hear their spoken comments.

A really neat paid tool that allows you to view and record all of your site visitors’ browsing sessions. Has a free demo that lets you view 10 recordings/month.

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