We’ve seen some fantastically helpful content being produced this month, distinguishable by a slew of really detailed (read massive) blog posts.

Topics include the Content Marketing Show and inbound marketing, as well as local and paid search.

We’ve got 101 tips and 168 case studies on driving traffic to your site, plus insights into digital planning, social media and more.

1. Roundup from the Content Marketing Show

Kicking off with the Content Marketing Show on 8th November, here’s a great roundup courtesy of State of Digital.

2. A great infographic on inbound marketing

Here’s my favourite infographic for the month: an in-depth look at the inbound marketing funnel from the clever guys at Digital Relevance.

3. Some insights into local search

Nipping over to the complex subject of local SEO, here are some helpful tips by Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief at Econsultancy, offering a few tips on improving your local visibility.

4. Paid search in 2014

Staying with Econsultancy’s Graham Charlton, Graham gives his views on what he thinks Google’s paid search ads will look like in 2014, drawing on research from the marketing scientists at Moz.com.

5. Is SEO D.E.A.D.?

One more from Econsultancy before we move on, a handy mnemonic from Andrew Girdwood who tells us that SEO is D.E.A.D: Data, Engagement, Audience, Discovery. Check it out here.

6. Two mega-posts on driving traffic to your website

Right, now we get into the meaty stuff… first up, 101 simple tips to increase website traffic, from Graph Paper Press. There are some other great posts on this site so take time to check it out.

Now this one really is meaty: 168 case studies on generating website traffic, from 124 experts.

7. The RACE digital marketing framework

The RACE framework is a very good way to help structure your thoughts about digital marketing priorities and how to measure the outcome. We use it a lot with clients and I’m a big fan of the guys at Smart Insights. Here’s the detail.

8. It Takes Time, Money and Know-How (And It Might Not Work)

Tania pointed me in the direction of Jon Loomer’s blog this month. It’s full of common sense and this post in particular chimed with my experience of digital marketing.

9. Social Media Doesn’t Work for My Blog! Want to Know Why?

Some top tips from Sprout Social on how to get the most from social media.

10. Getting the most from LinkedIn

And finally, have you ever wondered what LinkedIn is actually for? Well here are five great uses.