September, and it’s back to class for the school kids. We also joined in, and trotted off to Brighton SEO where, notebook in hand, we learned from the best in the digital industry. Take a look at the slides.

For the students among you, we’ve brought together a reading list from around the web for you to enjoy.

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1. First Line IT Recognised by The Guardian

One of our long-standing clients, First Line IT, has been recognised in The Guardian’s Marketing and PR Excellence 2014 showcase *sound of trumpet blast*.

First Line IT has historically generated its business through online marketing and was justly rewarded. But when, in 2013, some of the competition began using aggressive SEO techniques, First Line had to find creative ways to fight back.

Find out how they managed it

2. 8 Advanced Webmaster Tools You Should Be Using for Better SEO

From this is a great list of ways of maximising Google Webmaster Tools to succeed in SEO. These are only some of the features available in GWT but they should certainly give you a head start when it comes to doing your optimisation.

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3. 21 (Mostly) Free Usability Tools You Can’t do Without

If you’re looking to update your user experience (UX) toolkit, then this catalogue from Crazy Egg shows you some of the best tools from around the web.

As we know, UX is all about how to make your website easier for people to use and to achieve their goals while they’re there. Here are some great resources from basic page speed analysis, to surveying your customer about their experience on your site.

Check it out here

4. Learn How to “Make Conversion Happen”

Written as a recap from the SEO Summit in the Philippines, Search Engine Journal discusses how to understand your “3 types of internet user” (the ‘Ready to Buy’; ‘Needs Information’; and ‘Needs Convincing’) to make it more likely you turn your visitors into leads.

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5. A Process to Put the Right Ideas at the Heart of your Content Marketing Campaigns

Last month our Top 10 focused on content marketing. This article from Smart Insights is a great tool for getting your process right from the start. Producing good content, after all, isn’t just about creativity. If you are to get it right for your customer, you need a robust and well thought out process.

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6. How to Make SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and More Work Together

Similar to the previous article, Smart Insights looks at integrated techniques to amplify your content and make it more likely to generate leads. They share insights from industry leaders who reflect on the four “pillars” of an integrated digital strategy: content, blogging, SEO and social media.

Check it out

7. 2014 Ranking Factors Study

This year’s ranking highlights, according to the Search Metrics study, are: a holistic, context-based approach to content quality; an increased importance in technical performance and page architecture; an average fall in keyword link proportion; a slight drop in social signals; and an increase in user signals.

Check out the report here

8. Why Internal Links and Hub Pages are a Major Factor in SEO Success

Taking this year’s World Cup as an example, Econsultancy looks at how companies can capitalise on high ranking search terms. They would build, for example, a “World Cup hub” page on their website, which would attract visitors and link them to other parts of their site. 2016 Olympics anyone?

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9. The Truth about Lead Generation: Busting 5 Common Conversion Myths

If you’re looking to improve your website to make it more lead-focused, then this is a nice article from Hubspot. They address some of the myths about what works and what does not. But watch out for the “subtle” hook to get you to sign up to Hubspot…!

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10.  Content Marketing 101: How to Turn your Content into a Lead Magnet

Continuing the lead generation theme, this article by Marya Jan from Get Response looks at how you can use “lead magnets” (forms, downloadable resources, newsletter sign-ups etc) to make the most of visitors and turn them into viable leads.

Discover how