Welcome to this month’s round up! We’ve gathered some stories from around the web to discuss issues on:

  • Developing a creative and flexible marketing strategy
  • Getting around SEO nightmares
  • Adopting a varied arsenal of digital marketing tools, from Social Media to local SEO

See what you think!

1. A Guide to the New Power of Facebook Advertising

From Econsultancy, this article looks at the merits of Facebook advertising for maximising reach and increasing product engagement.

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2. Data Vs. Creativity: The Content Marketer’s False Choice

“Creative thrills, but data pays bills”. This article delves into the salient problem for the digital marketer: how to make data and content work together, coming up with some interesting solutions.

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3. Don’t Overthink Semantic Mark-up: 5 Basic Types to Adopt First

Need help improving your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) listing and general visibility?

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4. Four Ways that SEO is Drastically Changing

This is a great piece from the Search Engine Journal, for those wanting to adapt to changes in digital marketing. It demonstrates:

  • the rising focus on content marketing rather than just SEO
  • the new integration of SEO and PR
  • and the increasing importance of social media

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5. How to Generate Traffic and Kickstart Content Marketing for a Brand New Website

Generating traffic to a new website is a “catch-22”  problem. “How do I earn links if I have no traffic? Without any way to earn links, how am I supposed to get traffic?”  This article demonstrates how integrated content marketing, blog/forum activity, social media, and paid traffic options, can all help.

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6. How to Create Content for “Boring” Businesses

Similarly, a dull website has its own traffic issues, requiring a particularly creative approach. The Search Engine Journal‘s advice is to “get emotional” and “stand on your head”.


7. SEO: Removing Your Penalty Isn’t Enough

This article is devoted to those suffering from a link penalty. But this isn’t the end of the world, says Pratik Dholakiya. He also looks at the outreach options out there to improve SEO.

8. One-Trick Ponies Get Shot

Here, Ian Lurie discusses how the role of the digital marketer is changing, with an increasing focus on marketing strategy.

Here’s how to “do it right”

9. New Research: “Defining and Mapping the Native Advertising Landscape”

For those new to native advertising, this post links to a great presentation: what it is, who uses it, its advantages (and disadvantages) for agencies, social platforms, publishers, brands and advertisers.

Read Rebecca Lieb’s research

10. What is Local SEO and Why Do You Need It?

There is an growing value of local SEO, which provides search results based on your geographical location. Here is a how-to guide to maximise its potential for your business.

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