Welcome to our July Digital Round-up!

The sun is shining here in Oxfordshire and at Cicada we’ve brought together some buzzy articles from around the web for your holiday reading.

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1. 30 Little Things I Love About the New Virgin America Website

Virgin America have recently launched their new website, bringing an altogether more enjoyable way to search for, book and monitor your flight. It’s fun, colourful and intuitive – a great example of how good marketing means an understanding of the customer journey.

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2. Buzzfeed is Watching You

Are you constantly inundated by Buzzfeed articles, quizzes and questionnaires? If, like me, you find yourself (without even thinking about it) ticking off boxes about Which “Friends” Character Are You? or some such non-sense, then this article by Dan Barker may make you think again.

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3. How to Build Social Media into Your Content Marketing Processes

Cathy McPhillips from the Content Marketing Institute discusses how best to integrate social media into your content marketing process by building a robust content marketing plan.

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4. Inbound Methodology

This clear and colourful article by HubSpot demonstrates a strategy for inbound marketing based on an Attract-Convert-Close-Delight format.  It shows how a marketer can be empowered to take control of their content to attract strangers and convert them into customers.

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5. Introducing the Content Promotion Ecosystem

Here, Relevance.com uses a jazzy infographic to display the content promotion trinity: coverage, distribution and broadcasting. It demonstrates how they overlap, and the tools to be utilised in each stage.

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6. Tips and Tactics for Amplifying Your Content

In this video clip from Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, Ben Lloyd and Brian Rauschenbach discuss the tools and strategies for making the most of social media.  Amid the conversation they discus how to make the most your social channels and promote yourselves effectively.

Enjoy the discussion!

7. Understanding the Impact of Dwell Time on SEO

Until very recently I hadn’t heard of “Dwell Time”. Have you? Having spent a couple of weeks working with Google Anlaytics to assess bounce and click through rates for a client, this article came to my attention. Here the Search Engine Journal looks at how to calculate Dwell Time and why it is a useful measurement for understanding users’ activity on your website.

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8. Want to Future-Proof Your SEO? 6 Ethical Guidelines to Consider

Here Tom Schmidt from Search Engine Land runs through a six-point guideline to help marketers stick to the SEO rules, keep their integrity and avoid short-term fixes which can cause long-term penalties.

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9. Dynamic Remarketing with Precision Remarketing Lists

Are you an e-commerce website owner? And are you left frustrated by customers adding things to their shopping carts but never actually buying them? Sergio Aicardi provides part two (you may want to read part one first!) of his advanced PPC guide on Search Engine Journal.

He explains how precision-based remarketing lists help persuade those ‘shopping cart abandoners’ to return to your site and make that all-important card transaction.

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10. Feeding the Hummingbird: Structured Markup Isn’t the Only Way to Talk to Google

The Hummingbird update seemed to step away from penalising bad websites and spammers, and focus more on introducing measures to help Google better understand your good content. Cyrus Shepherd from Moz.com talks about anything from old school HTML structures to optimising Google+ Local (and a whole lot more) to get your website performing to its max alongside Hummingbird.

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