Three great talks at Distilled’s August meetup

Last Thursday, 15th August, I went along to Distilled’s meetup at The Minster Exchange, a short walk from Bank tube in the City area of London.

For those of you that don’t know, Distilled are one of the more significant players on the UK digital marketing / SEO scene, and have offices in London, New York and Seattle.

The evening was billed as ‘The route to social success’ with three very good speakers. I took a few notes from each and I thought I’d share them with you here:

1. How I doubled Distilled’s social media following in 12 months

By Cheri Percy from Distilled.

Although I was familiar with quite a lot of what Cheri said, her talk was a really good reminder of some digital marketing tools I’ve been meaning to explore for some time but haven’t got round to.

The main things I got from Cheri’s talk were that she:

Cheri also reminded her audience that:

  • tweets can be used as testimonials, and that the ’embed tweet’ function is already in twitter
  • social media is about ‘conversation not broadcast’
  • there is benefit to be had from sharing other people’s content with your community, not just your own content.

Check out Cheri’s slides here

2. The social indicators of inbound success

By Kieran Flannigan Marketing Director EMEA at Hubspot.

The main points I took away from Kieran’s talk were that:

  • Hubspot, a Boston based company, opened its international office in Dublin at the beginning of this year with ten people. They are currently at 56 people.
  • Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology is built around a generic buying cycle. It’s helpfully described here:
  • it’s really difficult to measure the ROI of social media.
  • the 10:4:1 rule: for every one piece of landing page content that you share on your own site, share four blog posts and ten links to third-party websites.
  • on Hubspot, different social icons are displayed for different visitor types. For example, if someone has 250 followers on Twitter, they will see a ‘follow us’ style of social sharing icon. If someone has 2,500 followers they will see a ‘share this’ style of social icon.
  • one tweet is enough for social proof, you don’t need three.
  • quote: ‘60% of the sales cycle is complete before someone contacts the company’.
  • Hubspot collects 400 data points about a site visitor, and personalises their journey through the site.

See Kieran’s slides here

3. What spending $500k on Facebook ads taught me

By Stephen Croome from First Conversion

  • For successful Facebook advertising: send people to a post or discussion on Facebook, and embed in the discussion the link to the target page. DON’T just send them directly to the target webpage (ie off Facebook).

Useful 3rd party tools for Facebook ads:

Stephen also provided a useful link:

And you can see his slides here

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