It’s that time of the year again, where the spirit of the festive season is entering our everyday lives and it’ll soon be time to ring in the new.

This is the time our clients and all digital marketeers are closing their campaigns for the year and planning for the year ahead. And we wanted to round-up for you, our top five anticipated trends in digital marketing for 2014.

Without further ado, our top five:


1. It’s not the destination of choice :: Cross Platform Marketing

Traditionally, marketers have sought to leverage their owned and paid media properties online through strategic approaches and tactical campaigns. This has meant that they have largely invested in specific destinations such as their websites, mobile or microsites, or social channels such as Facbook/Linkedin Brand Pages and more.

2014 will take that a step further, through paid content distribution. If you’re curious, check out this article on “Rise of the Content Distribution Space”.

2. Your market doesn’t play hide-and-seek :: Content Discoverability

Discoverability is the word of choice for 2014 – and having a great website is just the starting point for your story telling. To be seen, you have to locate yourself in the most exclusive spots online, in places where you as a brand have something to say. Play with intelligent content, and make sure you are ahead of the game. Find out more here.

3. It’s all in the eye of the beholder :: Visual Based Content

Let’s face it, it’s not getting any easier to execute search engine marketing campaigns, or bid for ad space online. But, one of the ways you will be able to get competitive in 2014 is with your brand’s family album, writing the brand’s story across your banner ad space.

Oh, and remember, less is more: your market is likely to be a stickler for shorter, quirkier, and even rewarding interaction with your brand via your ad. Oh, and you already have an opportunity and an advantage in doing your social media right, it’s never too late, have a read through here.

4. You scratch my back, I scratch yours :: Retargeting

Re-targeting is not going to go away very soon. With only an estimated two percent of web traffic converting in the first go, retargeting can be an efficient way of reminding your customers and potential customers about the brand or products they viewed or showed an initial interest in. This is especially lucrative with Facebook and Google offering cross platform advertising. Read more about retargeting here.

5. Social almost puts the S in SEO :: Social & SEO Integrate

If it wasn’t clear what the intentions of search engine algorithms are (well, it’s almost like they have a mind of their own), they are playing social very closely in their search results.

Personalized searches, recommendations, hashtag searches and semantic searches have all been hinting in the same direction. While SEO was once about content, website architecture and linking, you can now add identity, relationships and social to its CV. Read more here.

With these trends already in your bag for the next year, you hardly have to even start thinking about a festive wishlist. Plan your campaign strategy carefully, but do keep your consumer in mind. They are everywhere but where you want them to be. What are some of the trends that you see making a mark in 2014?  Let us know via comment below.