We’ve just come up for air after reviewing a website for a large international charity. It’s been an interesting piece of work for many reasons, not least of which because we found ourselves looking at SEO reviews by other providers. What this showed is that there is definately more than one answer to the question “what is SEO?

Let me explain: To some, optimising a website for search engines means working on a specific set of technical tasks: things like tweaking meta tags, adding a site map, and minimising the use of technologies that the search engines can’t read, like JavaScript and Flash. And when combined with a long-term programme of building inbound links to your website, it’s true that working in these areas can help to make your site easier for search engines to index and understand.

But how do you know how much of this effort has helped? How do you measure the impact on your business, and how do you justify to your finance function or budget holder the cost of doing the work in the first place?

To help explain to our client how we view the world of SEO, we developed a slide deck. In it, we reference pretty heavily a brilliant set of slides by Rand Fishkin, CEO at SEOmoz. SEOmoz is a great authority in the world of SEO so if you’ve not heard of them, check out the site now.

The summary of Rand’s 10 steps to effective SEO is as follows:

  1. Good isn’t good enough ~ make your content great
  2. Make that great content accessible to search engines
  3. Delight your visitors with phenomenal design + usability
  4. Use words your customers use ~ do keyword research
  5. Optimise your keywords properly ~ get keyword targeting right
  6. Make search engine tools and protocols work for you
  7. Earn citations engines can see ~ build Links, Tweets, Likes and Shares
  8. Don’t go it alone ~ help your community help you
  9. Get Analytics set up right ~ track what matters
  10. The web is not static ~ test and improve

There’s a lot of detail in that list so your next logical question might be how and where do I start? Why not get in touch with Zanzi Digital?