Technical business offering? This week’s killer SEO idea for you

OK, here’s the story: in August 2010 we project managed the creation and launch of the website for First Line’s new telecoms business called, logically, First Line Telecoms. To keep costs and complexity down, we based the site design on the IT support site, changing just the colour scheme and of course, creating new content.

Now, telecoms is quite a technical business and is absolutely littered with acronyms. Since the First Line offer is aimed at non-technical as well as technical audiences and is based around great service as well as technology, we thought it would be helpful to create content in plain english. Easier said than done! We quickly found that online, there’s precious little telecoms content written in plain english.

Our next port of call was to spend quite some time hassling colleagues, getting them to explain the concepts so we could write about them in language that non-experts would find meaningful and helpful.

To help with this, I began writing down definitions for the various acronyms. And it occurred to me that if I was struggling with the technical language, then other people might be too. So why not put them on the website? We implemented them using tables, which look pretty nasty but are cheap to do and serve a purpose.

And you know what? Looking at Google Analytics for the period since August, and filtering for ‘non-paid traffic’ because we run a couple of Adwords campaigns, you can see that this page gets more visitors than any other on the site:

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Finally, we don’t claim that our list of acronyms is anything like complete, so if you’d like to suggest additional terminology and explanations, please do so by commenting below.


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