For Zanzi client First Line IT, ranking well in Google has been a bit of a struggle.

Competition for the ‘money’ keyword ‘IT Support Oxford’ is fierce, and we’ve noticed some arguably underhand manoeuvring by rivals to get to the top of search rankings, and benefit from increased website visits, and therefore sales enquiries.

Between Zanzi and First Line, we were determined not to let this get the best of us, and after a long slog, we’re now back on top and blowing our own trumpet!

number-10Black/grey hat competition

First Line was once used to ranking at the top, but over the last couple of years they’ve fallen foul of underhand tactics by some of their competitors. For a time, First Line began slipping down the search rankings and it was our job to help bring them back to the top.

Here’s how we did it:

Number-7Content marketing and technical SEO

SEO isn’t what it used to be. Now, as search engines become more clever, what improves rankings is not just the technical fixes and a focus on keywords, but on useful, contextual content.

As such, we’ve worked hard on creating good content in an approachable tone-of-voice. We’ve also begun using in-house photographer, Kevin Sands for our imagery, rather than rely on the rather cheesy selection of stock photography in our image bank.

These efforts saw a gradual rise to about position 7 (getting closer!).

Number-2Google Pigeon

Then, to our favour, December 2014 saw the introduction of Google Pigeon, “a more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals”.

This helped to penalised some of First Line’s competitors for black hat SEO techniques, thus pushing First Line to position 2 (nearly there…!).


number-1Website development: Back up to poll position!

The third component of First Line’s success was the new website development, an ongoing project over the last few months. Zanzi worked with First Line and developers, Biff Bang Pow, to develop a fresh and innovative new design.

With a strong focus on User Experience, relevant and useful content, in-house bespoke imagery, and a warm and approachable tone-of-voice, the site has helped push First Line back up to number 1 in the search rankings.

Why not check out the new site for yourself? We’d love to know what you think:

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