One of the things we’ve been working hard on when taking on new clients is figuring out what their real underlying expectations are of the investment they’re going to be making.

To help us do this better, we’ve put together a little table and I wanted to share it with you:


Activity How long does it take? What can I expect?
Initial set up Generally 1½ to 2 days. Some of these activities don’t deliver immediate payback, but they enable us to tell you about payback in following months.

  • For example setting up ‘conversions’ means we will be able to begin doing really targeted customer journey improvements.

Other activities, such as usability improvements, can be seen as quick wins.

  • For example, improvements to sign-up forms and making calls to action more obvious should have an immediate effect.
On-page SEO From 30 minutes per page.Initially it can take longer as you ‘learn’ the website and the CMS. On-page SEO provides the foundation for search engine visibility. Successful on-page SEO should bring a web page from not ranking in the search results, to ranking in the top few pages.

  • For example, from position 100 to position 25 for a competitive keyword.
  • The less competitive the keyword, the more you’ll achieve with on-page SEO alone.
  • In this example, to get from position 25 to the first page of Google requires off-site SEO: content marketing and social media activity to earn links and citations.
Customer journey / user experience improvements From a few hours per month Based around the customer persona we developed with you in the baseline review, we make ‘expert journeys’ through the site, identifying bottlenecks, hurdles and other things that make it difficult for visitors to get what they need from your website.We then cross-check our findings with data from Google Analytics. Insight from Analytics is most powerful when ‘conversions’ have been set up.

There are many other ways to improve the users experience of your website but we’d recommend this to begin with, as it’s by far the most nimble, low-cost approach to user experience improvements.

Content marketing “It’s a marathon not a sprint”.Continuous investment will gradually produce results over time Content marketing’ is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of content in order to acquire customers.Content marketing creates interest in a product through educational or informative material.

Successful content marketing relies on providing consistent, high-quality content that solves people’s problems.

We can help you to develop a content strategy, content ideas, and a content calendar.

We can help to to measure, appraise and improve content.

We can provide expert advice on how to ‘amplify’ your content across all web channels.

We do not generally get involved with content creation.

Paid search Paid search delivers relatively quick ROI.Management fees depend on the complexity of your campaign Paid search requires an initial set-up, followed by a regular investment each month in clicks and management fees.Paid search should deliver an ROI within a short time frame, but should not be set up until you are confident that the website is converting well first.
Analysis and reporting “A few hours per month” There are many ways to improve what you’re doing online. The skill we bring is in identifying what’s being effective, what’s being ineffective, and what needs to be done next.Websites and the products or services they support can be complex beasts. Understanding them and then advising you properly will take time commensurate with that.

We will use a number of analytical tools including Google Analytics and Moz Analytics. We will interpret what they mean and advise you on best practice and next steps.

Digital strategy and best-practice consultancy “A few hours per month” The more you can adopt best practice across your channels, the greater your chances of success.

  • For example, you may be able to improve your approach to social media and blogging, and make better use of your email database.
  • There are some interesting and relatively new approaches to content amplification (do a google search for ‘native advertising’).
  • We’d like to work with you to implement some of these ideas.




























































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