At Cicada, I am the “Trainee Digital Marketing Analyst”. And what must trainees do? They must train of course! And that’s just what I do.

Luckily for me, August was handed over to me as an opportunity to develop my own learning programme, and  absorb as much information as I could, so that I could begin adding more value to Team-Cicada.

This gave me a chance to sit back with a cup of tea (and plenty of chocolate biscuits) and enjoy some of the exciting training tools and tips from around the web.

At the top of my list I chose two main platforms:

1) Google Analytics Academy (I will discuss this in a later post)

2) Moz Academy, which I will tell you about now:

It’s safe to say, thank goodness, that Moz Academy didn’t let me down. Although you must be a Moz Pro member to take part, it’s well worth it. Rand Fishkin and the other Moz speakers, wielding their trusty whiteboard markers, held my hand through the basics through to the more advanced techniques on:

  • inbound marketing
  • (local) SEO
  • link building
  • social media
  • content marketing

With the iconic whiteboard as their back-drop, the short videos (47 of them in total) allowed me to visualise what was being taught. I could also refer to the transcript underneath the video clip if necessary later on.

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time reading around the web on “how to do SEO”, “what is content marketing” yada yada yada, but it becomes so much easier (and more enjoyable) to absorb new information when it’s being explained to you by a real person, with a real whiteboard marker, right there (virtually) in front of you.

I made notes as I went along, which I will share with you here, on a Google shared spreadsheet. I made sure to note each video URL, and the tools mentioned in each clip. Go on, take them, they’re yours now.

I admit, I got a bit lost around the “Local SEO” section, perhaps due to the difficulty in understanding the mumbling tones of Mike Blumenthal, “Professor Maps” as he’s known by his peers. Maybe, to be fair, it was because the content is a bit outdated (as Google My Business  is taking over the other channels). But the beauty of the academy is that you can pause and rewind, refer to the transcript below or notes from around the web, to clarify things.

Anyway, why don’t you check out my spreadsheet and share your thoughts? How did you get on with Moz Academy?