If your brand already ranks as number 1 in organic search, is it really worth spending your PPC budget by bidding on your own name? Here are 6 reasons why bidding on your own brand or company name in AdWords is a good idea.

Reason 1 – You may not have the top Natural Search Position

If your website is not displayed in position 1 or 2 on natural search for your brand or company name, then you should be bidding on your brand in AdWords.

Any website listing below the first or second place on Google’s natural search results loses out on most of the available clicks – even when it is exactly what the searcher is looking for.

So if anyone is typing in your brand name or company name – make sure they find you!

Reason 2 – Your Competitors Ads appear above your natural listing

Whether you are appearing first in the natural search results or not, check if any of your competitors are appearing in the premium advertising positions above your organic result. This may be because they are bidding on your brand, or simply that they are bidding on keywords contained in your brand name.

If your brand cannot be a registered trademark, because it is made up of words that anyone could use as a search query, then you can’t stop other people using your company name in their advert. They may actually be pretending to be your company (which Google doesn’t allow) or it may be accidental – either way searchers will just see their Ad with your name, and may click on it.

In this case you will want to bid on your brand name.

Reason 3 – Your website name does not match your brand name

If people know your business as ‘Fred Blacks Insurance Brokers’, but your website URL is cheap-car-insurance.com, then you need to make it as clear as possible to brand searchers, so that they will end up in the right place. A well-focused PPC Ad Title containing your brand name will achieve this, probably more effectively than your natural listing!

Reason 4 – To reinforce your brand and establish your credibility

If someone is searching for your brand, then they must know you exist. They are more likely to be higher quality leads as they are further along the buying cycle than someone searching on more general keywords. So you don’t want them to be distracted away from clicking on your listing by other apparently relevant Ads, appearing above your natural listing – or not finding you at all because your brand doesn’t appear at the top of the natural search results.

Even if you do have a good natural search rank, there is evidence to suggest that appearing high in natural search and paid search can have a 1 + 1 = 3 effect. Appearing in both parts of the page tends to suggest success, and therefore credibility.

Reason 5 – To take advantage of all the extra functionality offered by AdWords

Google now offers all sorts of interesting options and features to AdWords advertisers to enhance their Ads, make them more enticing and direct the searcher to the most appropriate landing page.

You can include:

• A Google Map of your business location
• Site Links that allow you to show extra relevant landing pages
• If you run an Ecommerce business, you can show links to more than one product
• Up to 4 callouts – 25 extra characters each, to mention one of your USPs

screen shot

Reason 6 – Market Research

You can also use AdWords as a low cost research tool. Because you have full control over the marketing message displayed, you can test different Ad copy versions to learn what works best. Then you can apply that learning to your natural search listing by modifying your description text; or to your website by modifying copy on the pages.

In summary

There are several good reasons to consider bidding on your own brand name in AdWords and if no-one else is bidding on it, your cost per click should be very low. Even if competitors are bidding on it, you should get a much better click through rate than them, which will lead to a higher quality score and cheaper clicks.

So why not have a go!