Google Ad Extensions are an added extra that can be applied to your Ads. Like adding cheese and bacon to a hamburger. As with a burger, it can make your Ad a completely different proposition to potential customers.

According to Google, Ads with extensions have higher click through rates. The additional information displayed makes the Ad more prominent and gives people more reasons to click your Ad.

They are a great way to improve the performance of your paid search Ads for no extra charge.

What are Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ad Extensions are additional information that extend your Ad to make it more useful to the reader.

You have your standard Ads on Google that look like this:

ad extension example 1

Then you also have Ads that have a bit extra; these extra bits are Ad extensions and they look like this:

ad extension example 2

ad extension example 3

Everything highlighted in orange is an Ad extension. A value-add for the standard Google Ads.

Depending on the goals for your Ads, extensions that can be added include:

  • Extra information and links
  • Highlighting your USPs such as “free delivery”
  • Providing phone number details
  • Displaying location details
  • Offering people the ability to text the advertiser directly from the Ad
  • Showing feedback in the form of 5-star reviews
  • Option for people to download your App direct from the Ad

Why are Ad Extensions important?

Ad extensions are important for these reasons:

1. Google takes them into account when deciding the position of your Ads

If you have no Ad extensions, then you’re more likely to appear lower down in the order of Ads. The old way of determining Ad Rank would be quality of the Ad and the bid price you’re willing to pay. Now these 2 factors are still considered, plus Ad extensions and your use of them.

You will find that when you have added all the Ad extensions, they may not always show: Google decides which ones show for your Ads. Google will test them over time and then only show the ones that it thinks works best. But if you don’t add them all, Google won’t be able to test the extension so will penalise you for it.

2. Gain extra real estate space on the Google results page

People are more likely to notice and click on the Ads because they are bigger and contain more attention-grabbing information. Ad Extensions mean that you can say more than one thing and add links to other sections of your website that may be of interest.

3. Ad Extensions increase your click through rate

A higher click through rate means a better quality score, which in turn means you pay less for your clicks.

Basically, if you are doing Google Ads and not Ad extensions, you are missing a trick. It would be like not adding all those extra toppings to your hamburger despite the toppings being free of charge!

How do I get Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ad Extensions are free to add to the standard Ad. If someone clicks on an extension, you will pay the same amount as if they clicked on the normal Ad. It doesn’t cost anything extra to add them, just time and effort.

To add them to your Google Ads, you need to log into your Ads account. Navigate to the Ads & Extensions tab on the left-hand side and manually add them into the account. This can be a long process with a large account.

You should use Ad extensions relevant to your business goals. Depending on your level of knowledge, it can be confusing because of all the options available. Or the Google Ads experts at Zanzi Digital can handle it all for you.

Get in touch on 01865 595260 to find out how we can take your Ads to the next level.

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