Week 1, time for monthly reporting

At the start of each month it’s time to report on the previous month for all our clients. As a Google Partner we are required to do a minimal monthly report on some key stats. At Zanzi Digital we prefer to report on a wider range on metrics and then translate that into meaningful English instead of tech gibberish.

This helps our clients understand exactly what going on and what’s going to happen next. Because let’s face it AdWords is very complicated and it’s only getting more complex. So the ability to translate the technical into worthwhile insights that can be understood by anyone is a real skill and a necessary one for AdWords.

This first week is also where I plan the whole month and what needs to be done for each client. This can be anything from continuing work from a previous month, to strategising a new campaign launch, right the way through to project managing a new integrated Pay Per Click marketing approach for a new client.

Week 2, the heavy lifting begins

I try to block out 3 days for planned work, the other 2 are always taken up by ad hoc tasks, unexpected problems, training etc.

Because of the nature of AdWords, it’s a constantly developing platform with update after update. This means we have to keep up to date with every new feature and how to use it. This means a lot of reading of blogs and agency discussion on how best to use the new technology, if to use it at all.

Week 3, more heavy lifting!

This is pretty much identical to week 2, the meat of the Pay Per Click monthly sandwich. There’s no way you can complete all your tasks in a week and most probably not in 2. Also if you want to see any benefit to your actions in time for monthly reporting the earlier you do them the better. That’s why I tend to take the bigger parts of work and do them early in the month and use the rest of the month for tweaking.

You can’t forget your normal maintenance process as well, there may be new product launches and new campaigns to go live but you have to look after your current campaigns. So you have to scour through search query reports, check in on your Ads split testing. All best practise but it’s an easy one to over look which will result in a slow decline for any AdWords campaign.

Week 4, refinements and getting ready for reporting

Now it’s time to wrap up any work still left to do and make sure all the campaigns are in a healthy place. I go back to the goals and objectives set out in week 1 and make sure I have achieved them and if not, why not? Then you just need to get ready to repeat the process all over again next month.