When Jayne and Ned began thinking about company names, we realised we have very different approaches to information.

Whereas Jayne is literal and logical, Ned is more visual and emotional.

Jayne called her business the Ecommerce Adviser because… it advised Ecommerce businesses. Ned came up with Cicada because it reminded him of the things he loves about warm Mediterranean evenings, the air full of rosemary and the sound of insects as the sun goes down…

So we decided to get someone else in to help. Enter Lynne Stainthorpe from the Big Idea.

How did we come up with the name Zanzi?

On the day, Lynne took us through a well structured process of identifying what we cared about and what was special about our circumstances.

She identified that both Jayne and Ned had started our careers in manufacturing industry. Jayne working for British Steel where she developed great respect for manufacturing and industrial processes. Ned’s first job was modernising a factory that made steel wheel rims.

Jayne then remembered a highly efficient steel rolling mill that her father had been excited about (he worked for a company that made rolling mills for British Steel). She thought it was called a Zanzi Mill.

In fact it was the Sendzimir Mill, but by this time a name had been born. We put it to the team with some others on the short list but they liked Zanzi too.

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