Get a detailed understanding of the starting point for your digital marketing and SEO!

Benchmarking will help you to understand:

How easy is it to find your website?

Discover how people found your website in recent months. And of them, how many came directly, or via organic search, paid search, email marketing, social media? Are you missing out on any of these?

  • If visitors used a search engine, do you know which keywords they used? Google Analytics hides most keywords now but we’ll be able to show you some of them.
  • We’ll recommend more keywords for you to think about and you’ll learn how easy or difficult it’s going to be to rank for them in Google.
  • If visitors found you via a link on another site, you’ll see which ones.
  • You’ll look at the social media platforms that sent visitors, and the geographical areas that people were in when they found you.
  • We’ll look at the ‘platform’ they used: were people using desktop computers, iPads or smartphones? Does your site work OK on them?

How easy is it to use your website?

Learn how easy, or difficult, it is for visitors to achieve their objectives on your site. Whether that’s making a purchase, downloading a pdf, sharing a blog post, filling in a form or getting in touch.

  • We’ll recommend how you can measure important customer touch points on your website: this is the first stage of making it even better at converting visitors into customers.
  • For those people who don’t complete their objectives, we’ll show you where they left the site and provide insight as to why that might have happened.

How tough is the competition?

We’ll help you to understand why your competitors’ websites rank well and how they’re doing it.

  • We’ll tell you how ‘strong’ their websites are compared to yours, using Domain Authority, an industry standard for comparing one site’s strength against another’s.
  • Using this, we can then give you a quantified view on how difficult it’s going to be for you to overtake your competitors in the search engines.



Is the on-page SEO any good?

There are over 200 variables in Google’s search algorithm and each year for the last few years, Google has made over 500 changes to it.

  • We’ll examine how well your website is set up for search engines. And without using technical jargon, we’ll show you where there might be room for improvement.

And what about the content?

The content on your site is critically important for attracting the right visitors, and guiding them along the paths to conversion (reaching an objective).

  • We’ll audit your content, giving targeted feedback on how good a job it’s doing at moving visitors along the buying funnel, from research, to consideration and shortlisting to becoming a customer and eventually a fan.

Monitoring and reporting review

One of the great things about digital marketing is that everything is measurable. The trick is knowing what to measure, understanding what it means for the business, and not getting overwhelmed by all the stats.

  • We’ll look at your existing reports, advise on how helpful they really are, and, if need be, recommend ways to get better information to support your business decisions.

Benchmarking outcomes

The discovery told us about your business and your future ambitions. The benchmark has given us a technicolour picture of your starting point.

We can now put these together to build a realistic, prioritised, budgeted plan to achieve your digital marketing objectives.


With your digital objectives agreed and the benchmark clearly in mind, you’re now ready to get your website motoring.

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