With all the digital marketing options available to businesses, sometimes it is difficult to see what to prioritise. Everything can seem like it needs a lot of time, money and effort to do properly.

However, there are lots of quick wins – small things that you can do to make an impact. Most of them are quick and easy and won’t cost you the earth or take months of effort!

Here’s our list of digital marketing quick wins to help your business:

1. Google My Business profile

The Google My Business listing is not only free, but it is also one of the best ways to get rankings in local search or to appear in Google Maps.

In addition, Google has steadily added new features such as more detailed business description, services and pricing information and the option for customers to text message businesses.

It is possible to add Google My Business posts on the listing at no cost. Are you running an event, a sale or have a new product or blog post you want to shout about? Google posts show up in Google search in your Google My Business listing, which will appear in Google Maps or the knowledge panel. You can also add a call to action and images to make the post stand out.

If it has been a while since you last updated your Google My Business listing, then it is well worth having a look to see what improvements you could make.

2. Google Ads audit

Are your Google Ad campaigns running as efficiently as they could and making the most of all the latest changes? Or is it possible they are wasting some click spend?

Any Google Ad campaign needs regular maintenance to go on delivering the best results. Whether you maintain your Ad campaigns in house or have an external party doing that for you, a fresh pair of eyes can always spot some improvements and new opportunities.

At Zanzi Digital, our Google Ad experts regularly review each other’s clients’ Ad accounts to make sure they are running as well as possible.

We can also review your Ad accounts for you and offer advice. Take a look at Zanzi Digital’s free audit to get your Google Ad campaigns running smarter.

3. Ask a favour from someone outside your business

Ask someone unrelated to your business to visit your website for the first time and spend 5 minutes looking at it. Can they then answer the simple question: “what does your business do?” Someone looking at your website with fresh eyes can often give some useful insights into things that could be immediately be improved!

Reviews on your website, social media or Google My Business are also free for others to give and valuable to your business. Visitors are more likely to purchase products and services that they have seen recommendations for and reviews help with search rankings. Ask satisfied customers for reviews.

4. SEO audit

You have a website, it works and brings in sales. However, could it generate even more business if you had better content around certain products or services? Or could you simply do a small amount of work to make it easier for Google to read and rank it correctly for the right searches? This is what an SEO audit can tell you and it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to understand.

Do you really know what keywords your website currently ranks for in organic search? Do you know what useful keywords your website could rank for with a small amount of effort? Do you really know how powerful your competitors’ websites are compared to yours and where you are falling behind them?

An SEO audit from an expert on all or part of your website could give you valuable insights. Zanzi Digital offer a simple, quick SEO audit to give your business some steps you can take to boost your website to the right visitors in organic search.

5. Check out your site speed

Site speed is one of the signals Google uses to rank pages in search. Page load speed is also important to the user. Once they decide to visit your website, they will be more inclined to leave straight away if it takes a long time for the webpage to load.

Running your site through one of the free site speed tools such as GT Metrix or Google PageSpeed Insights will give you some actionable recommendations to improve how quickly your site loads on desktop or mobile.

6. Email existing customers

You have a list of customers who agreed that you could contact them with a newsletter or offer when they purchased from you. When did you last say hello and remind them about your business?

Email marketing does not have to be hard work. A simple email with a discount code or information about a useful blog post or new products will usually generate some interest or sales.

Email messages should be clear and genuinely useful and interesting to the people you are sending to. Always ensure that emails have an obvious call to action so that the readers know exactly what to do when they have read your message.

7. Improve your social media profiles

Social media profiles are often seen as something necessary but not always useful depending on the type of business. Social media profiles are like landing pages for your brand. If your business is going to be on social media, then it is important that the profile is up to date and it looks good.

If you have a specific social media strategy, then you are likely to be posting regularly and have your profile page up to date. However, if it is a while since you updated your company page, it is well worth checking it and seeing what improvements you could make.

8. Run a short social media advertising campaign

If your social media profiles are up to date and you have a reasonable number of followers, it can be inexpensive and straightforward to run a short social media advertising campaign.

The organic reach of brand posts on Facebook has fallen rapidly in recent years. Some estimates show that the organic reach of business Facebook posts is only around 2% of followers. However, running a paid campaign on Facebook still enables brands to target their exact audience and target people who are not already followers at a low cost.

Don’t just press the boost button on one of your Facebook posts; you have more control and more targeting options with a Facebook campaign. If you have a clear goal to increase awareness of an offer or product to a specific group of people, and if that is supported with a good website landing page for arriving visitors, then a Facebook campaign targeted to the right people can certainly boost sales.

9. Measurement

You should have clear goals for your businesss and your digital marketing activities. However, do you really know how your online activities are contributing to your business goals?

At Zanzi, we see a lot of cases where Analytics tracking is not connected properly to websites, or it is not set up to track the important steps in the customer buying process – whether that is completing a form, downloading a case study or making a purchase.

If website measurement is set up correctly, it provides the data you need to focus your digital marketing efforts on the activities that bring results for your business. You never have to make business decisions based on gut feel.

10. Set up a dashboard to view up to date data at a touch of a button

You know your goals, you’re tracking everything on the website. How easy is it for you to review all the data so that you can act upon it quickly – whether that is following up an opportunity or correcting something not working properly? If the data is there, you want to be able to use it, not spend your time downloading reports and updating spreadsheets!

With a custom dashboard showing all the graphs and data filtered for your business in an easy to view format, checking on the up to date progress of your digital campaigns is something you can do with minimal effort as often as you like.

Zanzi Digital is a team of experienced digital marketing professionals. We focus on the real things that make a difference to your business: sales, return on investment, and profit. Sometimes it is the little changes that can make a big impact.

If you are interested in any of the quick wins we have suggested and would like advice or support, call us on 01865 595260.