Hi! I joined Cicada this month as a Trainee Digital Marketing Analyst.

Having moved across from another sector with its own particular discourse, I went about giving myself a quick crash course in Online Marketing. This started, as a matter of urgency, with the business of jargon busting, and getting to grips with the basics of what it means to “do Online Marketing”.

Here are my top recommendations for those starting out:


1. The Ultimate Internet Marketing and SEO Glossary

This is a really useful tool for a complete beginner. An alphabetical list of the main digital marketing terms, it’s perfect for those, like me, who are grappling with digital jargon.

Check out Matthew Woodward’s Glossary

2. 50 Resources for Getting the Most out of Google Analytics

I will be using Google Analytics regularly at Cicada, to analyse and improve clients’ website performance. This site lists the top fifty GA tutorials, aimed at complete beginners through to those taking on some of its more advanced features.

Take a look here.

3. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Moz is a great website for those starting out in SEO. I immediately signed up to their mailing list, and begun this no-nonsense tutorial. It’s smart, straightforward and buzzy with engaging infographics.

Take the tutorial

4. How To Do Keyword Research for SEO

This tool from Seonick explains the value of the keyword for effective digital marketing, demonstrating how a query phrase is broken up, and showing the arguments surrounding keywords for optimisation.

Check it out here

5. Six Ways to Raise Your Game on Social Media

This is a very straightforward guideline from Marketing Donut, for any company wanting to raise their social media profile. This, as it happens, is one of the most important tools for effective marketing, increased following and online presence.

Find it here

6. What is Content marketing?

Taken from the Content Marketing Institute, this section of its websites explains what it is with great examples, and invites newcomers to their “Getting Started Guide”.

What do you know about Content Marketing?

7. Customer Journey Mapping: 10 Tips for Beginners

It became immediately clear to me that central to Digital Marketing is the importance knowing your customer perspective. Here, CMO delivers a great ten-tip checklist of how to understand your customer/audience, and how best to cater to them.

View the article

8. Newsletter Subscriptions for SEO Learning

One of the first things I did as a newbie to Digital Marketing was to sign up to as many websites as possible, with a view to accessing a broad range of learning material.  The following have already proved excellent, particularly in delivering regular juicy news items to my inbox: