Performance monitoring

To get more out of your website, the most important thing you can do is measure and track its performance.

With correctly set up tracking, you can tell:

  • which visitors are most valuable
  • which products are most profitable
  • whether email marketing works better for you than social media
  • which bit of your paid search campaign works well, and which bit needs to be improved

… and much, much more.

There are a number of things you need to do, on top of just adding Google Analytics to your website. For example:

Make sure all your ‘thank you’ pages are tracked as ‘goals’ in Google Analytics.

  • Doing this will allow you to see a visitor’s complete journey, from how they found you, the page they arrived on, the route they took through your site, and how many times they visited your site before they decided to sign up or make a purchase.

If you’re an Ecommerce business, make sure you set up the Ecommerce tracking part of Google Analytics.

  • This gives you extra information at product level. Set up a sales funnel on your checkout to tell you where customers abandon their basket and why.

If you’re using Adwords, make sure you link AdWords to Analytics.

  • This will enable you to determine which keywords are really effective, which aren’t, and where to focus your spend for better return.

Performance measurement is an essential part of how we work. And auditing and setting up correct tracking is one of the first things we do for pretty much every new client.

Our clients and partners love what they get out of performance monitoring: it means they can see how well their business is doing and how well we’re doing our job.

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