Google AdWords

One of the most effective ways to drive relevant people to your website, immediately.

However, we find that more than 80% of the AdWords campaigns brought to us are wasting money. There are lots of reasons for this because AdWords is really complicated!

The most common reason is that keyword groups are not sufficiently focused. This means there’s a mismatch between a person’s search query (in Google), the keyword you bid on, your ad copy and your web page.

Using AdWords, we have helped:

  • an established ecommerce business reduce their cost of sale from £35 to £8 per product
  • an Ecommerce businesses increase their revenue from £2k per month, to £60k per month over an 18 month period
  • a financial services business increase their sales enquiries by 80%, and reduce the cost of enquires by 50%, within 3 months

But AdWords doesn’t always need to be about sales. We’ve also used it to help:

  • a service business to significantly increase the size of their email database
  • a global charity to promote a major international event, reaching over 1 million people and generating the highest number of visitors to their website, ever.

If you are interested in outsourcing your paid search, you should probably read Google’s guide to working with third party partners.



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