SellerDeck is a well-known provider of Ecommerce software and consultancy with around 5,000 clients. Each year they hold a customer conference discussing a specific theme.

This year Jayne, now a SellerDeck conference “mainstay”, was invited to talk around the theme “Standing out from the Crowd”. Here’s what she had to say:

“Standing out from the Crowd”

This is the fourth time I have spoken at this conference and, as always, it was very well attended and brilliantly run. It’s hosted in PayPal’s European headquarters in Richmond upon Thames.

This year the audience was almost 100, mainly Ecommerce businesses with a smattering of support companies and partners.

Morning sessions were focused on this year’s theme “Standing out from the Crowd”, while the afternoon saw a series of workshops building on the morning’s sessions and a SellerDeck business update.

“How to Grow Your Business by Being Different”

After a few opening remarks from Managing Director Phil Rothwell, the conference kicked off with the keynote address from Mark Ballett, new chairman of SellerDeck and Amazon best-selling author of “Build Your Ultimate Business in 100 Days” . We all received a copy of his book!

His talk was titled “How to Grow Your Business by Being Different”. It was a really interesting session all about how the most successful businesses set themselves up as meaningfully different from their competitors. Mark gave us several useful tips on how any business can achieve this, and he built on this theme in his afternoon workshop.

“How to Make Your Online Advertising Stand Out”

I was delighted to follow him with my session on “How to Make Your Online Advertising Stand Out”, which covered 3 topics:

1 Doing It Properly – start with really understanding your customers. I realise that sounds pretty obvious, but actually, as very few advertisers do achieve this, you can really stand out if you do.

2 Use the Magic Formula. Having whetted everyone’s appetite for a silver bullet, I had to admit there is no magic formula really! It’s just about working hard and being structured – follow a process; take responsibility & don’t rely on Google; work smart!

3 My final tip was Be Creative. I used a couple of examples including news jacking and the story of the US guy who got his dream job working for one of the top New York Creative Directors. He did it by advertising on the creative directors’ names, bid on 6 names, got 4 interviews, and 2 job offers. The whole effort cost him just $6.

As always, I really enjoyed my day in Richmond, and the chance to catch up with the SellerDeck team and several of their customers whom I’ve met every year.

You can see my slides on SlideShare here.

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