Imagine having a high-powered team to handle all your digital marketing

If you’re convinced that digital marketing is the way to go for your company, and you’ve figured out that it’s going to take a full-on commitment, you’re going to need a team to pull it off.

That’s where we come in.


1. Reach – being in the right place, at the right time

Your customers need you, but they may not know you exist yet. Or maybe they don’t know how competently you can solve their problem.

Our first job is to make sure they find you when they start their search. We don’t do this through pushy advertising or spammy emails, but by making sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

2. Engage – provide helpful information

When prospective customers get to your website they may not be ready to buy. But they’ll certainly be looking for solutions to their problems.

When you provide valuable, useful answers to their questions, they’ll be happy to tell you who they are to get even more value from your company.

3. Act – provide even more helpful information

By providing regular, valuable information at exactly the right time, you’ll build a relationship with your audience, and they’ll move from being leads to customers – when they are ready to.

4. Retain – happy customers

When you continually make it easier for your customers to do their job and meet their goals, they’ll have a fantastic experience with your company and they’ll tell others about your business.  They’ll send new potential customers your way and you’ll have success stories you can use to reassure new customers.

5. Evaluate – analyse and learn for continuous improvement

By analysing everything you do and measuring how well it works, you can learn from your customers. How they became customers – what attracted them in the first place, what persuaded them to develop a relationship with you. You can modify what you do and how you do it to continually improve your effectiveness.

We understand that getting started can feel a bit risky. Here are 3 ways to minimise your risk:

  1. Start with a pilot project
  2. Negotiate risk/reward payment terms
  3. Ask for a six-month plan instead of a proposal

You can read more about this in our blog post here. Or give us a buzz to discuss how it could work for you.