We really enjoyed sharing AdWords tips at the Google Ads workshop at Milton Park on Wednesday 20th September.

A big thankyou to Vale4Business for organising the workshop and inviting us to present. It was great to see so many delegates keen to get the most out of the Google AdWords tool for their businesses.

So, how can you make your Google AdWords campaign stand out from the crowd in just 20 minutes a week?

  1. Do it properly
  • Make sure that you really understand your audience and what motivates them so that you can write targeted PPC Ads that really stand out from your competitors’.
  • Pay attention to detail, work smart and follow a process every time.
  1. Regularly check your budget and bid prices
  • Check spending at account, campaign and Ad group level and raise bids on good keywords and lower bids on poor keywords.
  1. Focus on keywords
  • Pause keywords that aren’t performing and add keywords that look promising from your search query report. Add negative keywords that aren’t relevant to your campaign.
  1. Ad Optimisation
  • Throw out your 2 worst performing ads and replace them with new ones.
  • Only compare Ads where there is enough data.
  • Optimise Ads by keeping the best performing Ads and optimising the others to beat it, one variable at a time.
  1. Improve Campaign Relevance / Quality Scores
  • Once you have added keywords, check if any existing groups can be divided into new groups or even new campaigns. Can you split up your biggest Ad group into smaller, more targeted groups?
  1. Check Goals, Landing page URLS, Links etc.
  • Are you using the best possible landing page? Consider the copy as this affects quality score.
  • Have the URLs for landing pages or thankyou pages changed?
  1. Review Campaign Settings
  • Do the campaign settings reflect the current account objectives and are they optimal for account performance?
  1. Analysis, Reporting, Plan next Month
  • Report on agreed metrics against targets and agree objectives for the next month.


Click here to check out the slides from the workshop in Slideshare.