BrightonSEO is fast approaching and I wanted to let you know that in addition to the little sponsorship package that we’re doing, we’re also hosting a roundtable event the day before.

Roundtable what?

OK so here’s what’s happening. The main conference takes place on Friday 12th April. The day before that, the organisers have put on two other things:

  • some training workshops, on topics such as advanced Google Analytics, advanced link building, local SEO, mobile SEO.
  • after the training workshops, a number of roundtables to allow people working in similar roles or similar interests, to meet, compare notes and generally chew the fat.

Roundtables are being held on:

  • On & off-line retail
  • Content marketing & strategy
  • PR & SEO
  • Charities & NGOs
  • Travel

For us the exciting bit is that we are hosting and sponsoring the Charity & NGO roundtable. In other words, a chance to spend 90 minutes facilitating a discussion by 15 representatives from the digital teams within some really interesting charities.

The conference organisers have asked us to structure an agenda around five categories:

1. Market watch ~ which we’ve interpreted as meaning “What’s changing in the digital / SEO marketplace and how is this relevant to charities.”

2. Industry best practice ~ we’ve fleshed that out to include processes, impact of Panda / Penguin, and skills

3. Insight and measurement ~ what are the things that a charity should be measuring, and how can / should they be measured?

4. Financial planning ~ how do you set up objectives, budgets and measurement processes for SEO?

5. Key resources and allocation ~ issues around agency spend and client time needed to manage the agency and execute tasks that are best done internally.

And finally…

The organisers have kindly organised for us to have someone sit in the meeting and type up the minutes, so that attendees can join in the discussion without needing to take their own notes. We’ll be making the minutes available on this blog soon after the conference. Watch this space!