On 17th May I taught a course on Google Analytics on behalf of Adhere Training who provide one day training courses on a variety of subjects.

The class itself is a personal experience in a friendly environment with only a small number of people receiving training. This way we can get across as much information as possible and address individual needs.

The training took place at the Clare Foundation in West Wycombe. This venue is set in stunning countryside, provides all the necessary amenities for a fun days training and funds raised from the venue support local charities.

Covered on the day long Google Analytics course is:

1. Overview of Analytics

  • How does it work?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is Analytics capable of?

2. In-depth instruction on the different aspects of Analytics

  • User engagement statistics like time on site
  • Conversion metrics such as tracking contact forms
  • Ecommerce conversions such as sales through the site or average order value
  • Traffic sources – where does your traffic come from and what is the best source?
  • Analysis of pages on your site to see which perform the best and worst
  • How your site performs on different browsers and devices

3. How to use all this information to take advantage and grow your business

One of the main benefits of our help is to make sure that your Analytics is set up correctly and you are interpreting the data correctly. Acting on the wrong data can be worse than no data at all, so major mistakes can be made if your Analytics isn’t set up the right way!

We provide this training as part of Adhere Training but we also offer it separately and in many different forms. It is also something we do as standard with any client we work with.

At the end of the day, attendee Jess Friend, Account Manager at Twelve PR, told us:

‘I’ve been meddling around with Google Analytics for a while,
trying this out… having a go at that… but when I finally sat
down in Peter’s workshop, it felt like a eureka moment.

It was very satisfying to have things I thought I knew about
Google Analytics confirmed and it certainly gave me the
confidence to explain it to others and to use it, not only
on my own website, but on our clients too.’