As a Google Partner, we’re invited each month by Google to their Headquarters in London to get all the latest news and training from Google on what is coming up. This month’s ‘boot camp’ was about Display advertising, the image advertising you see on websites across the internet. Unknown to many people these are often run by Google.

As well as Google cupcakes and prizes, this was an intense training course to get Google partners clued in on everything Display.

The presenter was Barney Durrant. As a former senior Google employee who now runs his own digital agency, he was able to give a perspective from both sides of the fence!

In their own words, here are Peter and Paul’s comments from the day:

Paul –

  • The audience included a lot of people from other agencies. I spoke to an interesting guy from Newcastle who runs paid search campaigns for a number of brands including Tommee Tippee and another guy who specialises in the insurance industry. It was really interesting to hear about the different challenges in their very competitive industries.
  • One point that came up was about the process of selling display advertising to clients – it may be a good idea to move beyond your normal conversion focused client contacts and find other people who would be interested in Display. For example, the Marketing Communications team may see benefit in the brand awareness capability of Display advertising.
  • A new Ad format coming soon is the lightbox Ad. This is where you click on an image Ad and it takes over the screen.

Peter –

  • One thing I found very interesting was the ability of Display advertising to be highly customisable to the end users’ need. For example, you can create a marketing list that targets just those people who bought your product 5 weeks ago – when you know that the product will be running out. This would work well for products such as dog food or a beauty product like face cream. This is very targeted advertising exactly when you need it.

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  • The thing I found most surprising was the example of a business that directly targeted one small geographic area containing a business he was about to pitch to. This meant in the run up to his meeting, everyone there had seen several examples of brand advertising for his business, giving them the perception that he was a much larger company! The very tight targeting offered geographically by Google Display makes this a very attractive and clever marketing option.

Overall we both found it a useful day and a great opportunity to get away from the day to day focus and see the bigger picture of what Google can offer our clients.

Events planned for future months will include master classes in search, Google shopping and sales.