Thank you to South Oxfordshire District Council for organising yesterday’s workshop  at Milton Park. I can’t praise the team there highly enough. They promoted the workshop for us, booked the room, dealt with printing… the works.

And it went well; plenty of positive feedback as I understand it, we’re still to see the feedback forms, from around 25 delegates.

In a rush? Here are the 12 things you can do to make Google love your website:

  1. Be clear about your buyer
  2. It’s all about the content
  3. A picture speaks 1,000 words (and a video speaks even more than that)
  4. Make web page addresses readable
  5. Create helpful links whenever you can
  6. Write a ‘title tag’
  7. Write a ‘meta description’
  8. Optimise for mobile devices
  9. A faster website is a better website
  10. Secure your site with HTTPS
  11. Implement Google My Business
  12. Adopt an ‘outreach mindset’

Here is a link to the slides (takes you out to Slideshare):








Our next workshop ‘How to make digital marketing work harder for your business’ in on Wednesday 17th May.

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