Google Analytics for beginners: easy ways to track social media campaigns

Google Analytics (GA) is a complicated beast. It provides you with a wealth of information about your website, but if you don’t understand how it all works, this can be about as baffling and useful as a chocolate teapot!

Zanzi has been working with Maddy Biddulph from Giant Peach PR on several projects recently. Maddy recently asked Zanzi’s Ned Wells to talk her through the basics of how to master the GA beast.

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Back to School at the Moz Academy

At Cicada, I am the “Trainee Digital Marketing Analyst”. And what must trainees do? They must train of course! And that’s just what I do.

Luckily for me, August was handed over to me as an opportunity to develop my own learning programme, and  absorb as much information as I could, so that I could begin adding more value to Team-Cicada.

This gave me a chance to sit back with a cup of tea (and plenty of chocolate biscuits) and enjoy some of the exciting training tools and tips from around the web.

At the top of my list I chose two main platforms:

1) Google Analytics Academy (I will discuss this in a later post)

2) Moz Academy, which I will tell you about now:

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Facebook for Brands: How To Get Started

I recently put together an introduction to Facebook marketing for one of our clients, and I though it wanted to share it with you today.

The slides take you through:

  • some of the differences between personal timelines for people and Facebook Pages for brands. Luckily, it’s now quite simple to convert personal timelines into pages
  • some of the benefits of Facebook Pages
  • how to get the most from your Facebook page
  • the benefits of advertising on Facebook

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

It’s that time of the year again, where the spirit of the festive season is entering our everyday lives and it’ll soon be time to ring in the new.

This is the time our clients and all digital marketeers are closing their campaigns for the year and planning for the year ahead. And we wanted to round-up for you, our top five anticipated trends in digital marketing for 2014.

Without further ado, our top five:

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Three great talks at Distilled’s August meetup

Last Thursday, 15th August, I went along to Distilled’s meetup at The Minster Exchange, a short walk from Bank tube in the City area of London.

For those of you that don’t know, Distilled are one of the more significant players on the UK digital marketing / SEO scene, and have offices in London, New York and Seattle.

The evening was billed as ‘The route to social success’ with three very good speakers. I took a few notes from each and I thought I’d share them with you here:

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Social Media Monitoring with Raven Tools – Part Two

  • By: Guest author
  • 6th September 2012
  • Category: Social media

Setting up advanced searches

This post by Sam Hand follows on from her post on Social Media Monitoring – Part One.

Our client informed us that there was a new objective for social media monitoring. They were getting involved in a global event and wanted to be able to monitor:

  • when specific people or organisations mentioned the event or a related keyword, and
  • when anyone else mentioned the same specific people or organisation, together with the same set of related keyword

We had around six weeks to work out the following things:

  • how to set up these more complex searches in Raven Tools
  • how we could filter and find mentions by specific people
  • how to prove that it worked

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Social Media Monitoring – Part One

This is Sam’s first post on the Cicada blog, and in fact her first post ever! Please let her know what you think in the comments below.

Why should you measure social media, and how do you do it?

We were asked by a client to look into tools to help them monitor their social media presence.

They already had a presence on Twitter and Facebook, and wanted to increase this. They were also keen to understand how to measure their social media effectiveness and what should be measured.

Also, the client was going through a transition phase and wanted to track how the public viewed their company and if that changed over time.

Another key request was decent reporting that they could share with their senior management, but their time available to spend on creating and reviewing reports was limited. We needed to ensure the tool we used was able to produce detailed reports with minimal manipulation of data.

What should be measured?

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Five social media tips for charities

This guest post is written by Pedalo, a digital agency with over 11 years experience in web design and development. Pedalo work closely with charities and not for profit organisations, helping them to promote their cause using digital channels and social media.

As consumers become better at filtering out marketing messages, traditional forms of advertising are having less of an impact especially in the current climate.

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