Cupcakes, prizes and Google Display advertising!

As a Google Partner, we’re invited each month by Google to their Headquarters in London to get all the latest news and training from Google on what is coming up. This month’s ‘boot camp’ was about Display advertising, the image advertising you see on websites across the internet. Unknown to many people these are often run by Google.

As well as Google cupcakes and prizes, this was an intense training course to get Google partners clued in on everything Display.

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A month in the life of an AdWords Specialist

Week 1, time for monthly reporting

At the start of each month it’s time to report on the previous month for all our clients. As a Google Partner we are required to do a minimal monthly report on some key stats. At Zanzi Digital we prefer to report on a wider range on metrics and then translate that into meaningful English instead of tech gibberish.

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Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

In this article I will explain what Google’s RLSA Ads are, why they are important and how you can take advantage of them; all in plain English and without any technical Jargon.

What are RLSA Ads?

Simply put, this is Remarketing for your standard text Ads (Search Ads).

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