4 smart tips to help your business take advantage of AI

Earlier this month Zanzi’s Jayne Reddyhoff spoke at the world’s first global Social Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference at Oxford Brookes University, and it got us thinking… How can online businesses embrace AI and use it to their advantage?

It’s easy to feel threatened by the impending invasion of “robots” in the workplace, hijacking our jobs, and upending “traditional” human interactions expected at work. But guess what folks… robots are already here, and it’s not all that bad.

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7 steps to digital marketing success

There’s a mind-boggling array of digital marketing options available to you, so how do you choose those most appropriate to your brand?

A good digital marketing strategy covers three main asset types:

  • owned media: your own assets such as your website and email list
  • paid media: advertising
  • earned media: where other people advocate on your behalf, usually on social media.

Follow these 7 steps to digital marketing success and you’ll have all your bases covered:

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Asking for more pocket money: here’s how to get your digital marketing budget!

Digital marketing can help your business flourish, but how do you persuade the big bosses to give you the budget? Here’s our quick how to guide to help you out.

Whether you’re asking your board or your potential investors, pitching for a digital marketing budget will require you to put forward a solid business case. How do you achieve this?

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How to turn a negative review into a positive – and save your reputation

As all savvy companies know, a good or bad review can make or break you. And that’s why Google’s local business listing is important.

So you’ve filled in all your details, but then there’s a damaging review. Everyone can see it and no, you can’t remove it.

Don’t panic. Here are our six Golden Rules to saving face when the critics strike!

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Why do all marketing proposals have to be so generic?

If you’re looking to get more and/or better leads from your website, the chances are you’ll have already approached one or more digital marketing agencies for a proposal.

The trouble is, if those agencies haven’t worked for you before, the proposal you receive is probably going to be pretty generic. So why not ask for a detailed six-month plan instead?

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Want more enquiries from your website? 5 things to do right now

The new year brings a new sense of purpose and there will be lots of you out there with high expectations for your business in 2016.

Your website should be a key tool for generating more customers and more revenue.

Here are my 5 top tips to help you attract more visitors to your website and convert them into satisfied, and hopefully repeat, customers!

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What on earth IS digital marketing?

Zanzi is a digital marketing agency. We’re also an online marketing agency, we help with inbound marketing, and we do content marketing.

Who knows what these mean? Well, we do… after all, they’re how we earn our bread and butter. But do you?

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