Ecommerce Pay Per Click Case Study

Ecommerce Pay Per Click Case Study

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Evolution Organics provides high-quality organic supplements for people who care about their health. When we started working with them they were a start up operating out of the founder’s home. The owner told us he wanted to build a sustainable business that would fund his vision to build a holistic healing centre and organic farm.

We spent some time refining user journeys and technical SEO so the site was converting well and would benefit from PPC.

Our Approach

✔ We initially targeted a small range of high priority products, to prove our approach and to generate revenue for the next level of advertising.

✔ We continually improved the campaign, learning from what worked best, responding to changes in the market and competitor behaviour, and
taking advantage of new Google advertising services.

✔ We ran specific campaigns to take advantage of national media events.

The Results

Over a two year period:

✔ Monthly revenue tripled

✔ Number of online transactions increased by 4 times

✔ Ecommerce conversion rate increased from 4.9% to 6.3%

✔ Monthly visits up by 166%

“The key elements of our success are that we take on a trusted role in business planning with our clients and we adopt a ‘continuous improvement’ approach to their online strategy. We invest in continual development of our staff so we keep up to date in a fast-changing market.”

Jayne Reddyhoff, MD Zanzi Digital.

Visits Graph

Transactions Graph

”We asked Zanzi to drive further visitors to the site with ‘Paid Search’ after their initial work to optimise the user journeys. They made a fundamental impact on our business growth. We were very impressed with their work, their commercial approach and their ability to report in a measurable, clear and concise manner.”

Henry Maitland, Managing Director Evolution Organics

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Today’s post is by Calum Covell, who was with us for 5 years as a Pay Per Click and Ecommerce specialist. Calum is now marketing manager at a multi-channel wholesaler and retailer of light bulbs and fittings.

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