Do you know who you’re working for?

“Your time is valuable and precious so learn how to focus on the priority tasks with some basic but effective time management techniques and tools.”

I went on a time management course run by Adhere Training recently.

To my surprise, the course was hardly about time management and more about work efficiency and creating a stress free work environment for ourselves.

This makes sense to me. Isn’t the true end goal of work to get as much done as you can, with as little stress as possible?

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Winning the technology race: 6 simple lessons you can follow from history and business

Despite all the grim prophesies, technological advances throughout the last century haven’t led to mass redundancies, or the end of work as we know it. And there is no reason to believe that recent and imminent technological innovations will either.

But it will be your choice whether you are a winner or a loser in the race to adopt new technologies….

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The cost of inbound marketing – is it really worth doing?

Towards the end of 2015, we made the decision to invest in our own inbound marketing. After all, it’s a service that increasingly we’re being asked to deliver by our clients, and it would look pretty bad if we didn’t do it for ourselves as well.

The evidence is overwhelming that, although it takes time to deliver the goods, the return on investment can be substantial.

Over the next few months we will be sharing our journey with you. It’s our intention to be honest about our successes and failures. We’ll tell you about the obstacles we face along the way and how we overcome them. We’ll share what works, what doesn’t work and the results we get.

We also hope it’ll be a good way to show you how we work, and to demonstrate our agency values: to be as helpful, honest and generous as we can.

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Pay Per Click case study #1

How we helped an Ecommerce startup achieve 1,800% growth, in just 8 months

At a glance

  • Company name: confidential
  • Sector: B2B retail and wholesale
  • Results: Revenue growth from £4k to £64k in 8 months
  • Dated: January 2016
  • How we helped: By improving their paid search campaigns, improving Analytics and Ecommerce tracking, and making the website easier to use

This company is an Ecommerce business selling landscaping and gardening products to the trade. Products are sourced from China, manufactured to the same standard as better-known UK competitors, and sold at much lower prices.

Their sector is dominated by well-known brands such as Wickes and Marshalls and other established UK manufacturers.

When we met them they had been trading for just a few months. Revenue was less than £4,000 per month with an average order value of £60. And with an average cost of sale approaching £60, it wasn’t profitable.

We were asked to help deliver a profitable business by summer. This is their peak season and was less than 6 months away.

Up to this point, the business had run their Google AdWords campaign in-house. Analytics goal tracking wasn’t correctly implemented, so they didn’t know which products were most profitable nor what source of website visitors was delivering the best ROI.

What we did

One of the first things we did was to set up Google Analytics goal tracking and full Ecommerce tracking. This meant the client could now accurately measure what was happening on their website.

We then:

  • overhauled the AdWords campaign so it ran more efficiently and focused on the top performing product areas.
  • increased the use of Google Shopping and as it was a particularly effective channel, we continued to optimise it.
  • reviewed how well the website converted visitors into customers, starting with the checkout process, and made recommendations for website changes designed to improve conversion rate.
  • recommended website usability improvements, specifically targeting mobile users, as engagement levels for these users was lower than for others.

We gradually introduced new AdWords functionality as it became available. This included:

  • better Google Shopping segmentation to further improve ROI
  • remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA*). As an active Google partner, we were beta testers for this new feature, and so were able to introduce this for our client before other some other agencies could.

(*RLSA is a feature that lets you customise your search ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google.)

The results

ecommerce-pay-per-click-revenue-ZanziWithin two months, total revenue had grown by 8 times and their conversion rate was up from less than 0.5% to more than 2%.

At the same time, average order value grew from £60 to over £120 and the cost of each sale was down from £60 to £20.

AdWords was the single largest source of website sales and also contributed to sales from other sources such as direct website visitors.

Revenue continued to grow every month, hitting £64,600 in the peak season month of July with more than £30,000 of that from AdWords.

ecommerce-pay-per-click-cost-per-sale-ZanziBy July, the cost of each sale was down to £15, and the overall conversion rate was up to 2.6%.

You can download this case study as a PDF, here.



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Using outsourced support: how to get buy in from your colleagues

  • By: Guest author
  • 4th December 2015
  • Category: Zanzi

kate-mercer-leaderslabThis post has been written for us by Kate Mercer, Director at LeadersLab UK.

Kate’s helping us to develop from being two companies that have come together with a lot of good intention, into a single well-managed business.

Let’s say you’ve been tasked with finding expert outside help to support you in an important piece of work for which you don’t have the relevant expertise in house.

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Meet our people

  • By: Ned Wells
  • 1st September 2015
  • Category: Zanzi

Ned Wells, CEO

Meet Ned Wells, Zanzi CEO

I run Zanzi with Jayne, and I’m responsible for our sales and marketing and management of partner relationships.

I’m particularly interested in helping organisations of every hue make better sense of the web through good process and clear thinking.

Outside of work I lead a busy social and family life. I play squash to keep fit and go fly-fishing to reflect. I get creative pleasure from cooking and I love anything that involves a wet-suit.

To read Ned’s bio, click here.

Jayne Reddyhoff, Managing Director

Meet Jayne Reddyhoff, MD

I run Zanzi with Ned, and I’m responsible for client projects and operations.

I’m particularly interested in helping Ecommerce businesses thrive and grow.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading crime and science fiction novels and walking with my dog Tina who I adopted from a rescue centre.

In a previous life I worked for a number of blue chip Technology Consultancy organisations such as Cable and Wireless, Oracle and Logica, where I gained my business knowledge.

To read Jayne’s bio, click here.

Peter Symms, Digital Marketing and PPC Consultant

Meet Peter Symms, Online Marketing and PPC Consultant
Before joining the Ecommerce Adviser I worked for Nominet, the .uk registry after an Honours degree in Media Technology from Oxford Brookes University.

At University and Nominet I developed a passion for working in the online industry and a thirst for knowledge.

My online expertise and constant obsession for the latest information help keep Zanzi at the forefront of the ever developing online industry. I do the free Google Analytics audits at Zanzi, you can find more about that here.

Outside of work I’m a keen sportsman and will never turn down a game of squash or a round of golf.

Jonathan Smith, Principal Consultant


I have over 15 years’ experience helping commercial organisations leverage digital trends and technologies to create commercial advantage.

I love reviewing organisations’ online presence and helping them develop their digital strategies. My recent clients include one of the largest global commodities companies and a number of UK brands.

My role on projects is usually as project manager and lead consultant.  I will also take the lead on SEO audits at Zanzi; you can find more about that here.

Paul Ajao, Digital Marketing Consultant


With 6 years experience of managing corporate AdWords accounts, I have a wealth of experience helping clients get value from other advertising platforms including Microsoft BingAds and Facebook Ads. I do the free Google Analytics audits at Zanzi, you can find more about that here.

I also enjoy working with clients to improve website user experience and conversion optimisation.

When I’m not in the office I enjoy playing drums and eating out at restaurants.

Clare Casson, Administrative Assistant

Meet Clare Casson, Administrative Assistant

As well as dealing with the day to day administration and being Zanzi’s spreadsheet expert I’ve been working on the book-keeping, email marketing and remain enthusiastic about expanding my knowledge and developing new skills.

In my spare time I enjoy making jewellery, reading and walking my dog.

Tina, Office Pet

Meet Tina, Zanzi's dog
My day is spent ensuring the office runs smoothly, by chasing away postmen and keeping on top of the recycling.

Before Zanzi, I was adopted from a rescue centre by Jayne, and outside of work I enjoy long walks and running after my ball.

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The photoshoot

  • By: Charlotte Jenkins
  • 18th August 2015
  • Category: Zanzi

The final touches are being added to the new Zanzi Digital website and that includes taking some staff mug shots.

We Zanzi-bots have spent the last couple of hours waving our arms about in an attempt to “look natural” in front of the pretty Wallingford backdrop.

Next follows a big session sifting through the results to find at least a handful of web-appropriate images.  It’s going to be a long afternoon, so we’ve put the kettle on…

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