Project Description

Royal Academy of Dance


ballet dancers at the royal academy of dance

The brief

The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education and professional membership organisations.

As part of our ongoing work to make their website easier to find and easier to use, we identified that the experience of people visiting the site with mobile devices wasn’t as good as for those using PCs and laptops.

Our changes resulted in an immediate 700% increase in new member applications from people using mobile devices.

Our approach

  • We carried out an analytical benchmark to identify what was happening during the ‘join’ process. Our findings showed that of every 1,000 people starting the process, only 8 completed it to become members.
  • We carried out an expert review of the user journey and investigated Google Analytics data, to find the main issues.
  • To verify our findings, we implemented a heat mapping tool and commissioned a virtual testing group, to record their actions as they went through the joining process.
  • We made 12 recommendations, prioritised by ‘Impact’ and ‘Ease of Implementation.’
  • We collaborated with the client’s web development agency to implement our recommendations.
  • We measured and analysed the results to demonstrate the impact of the changes.
User journey analysis
UX testing
Google Analytics analysis
Conversion rate optimisation

The results

  • The improvement was immediate

  • The number of mobile visitors who became members jumped from 8 in every 1,000 to 72 in every 1,000 – a 700% increase

  • In fact, the increase was so impressive, we continued monitoring for an extra month to check it wasn’t a fluke!

“The Zanzi team are professional and very enthusiastic. Our website is evolving into an increasingly powerful tool for the Academy.”

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