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Increased Sales x 9, Whilst Reducing Ad Spend

Google Ads Optimisation and Management

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The brief

This company is an Ecommerce business selling a variety of food state vitamins and minerals directly to consumers.

They contacted Zanzi to find out if we could help to increase the profitability of their Google Ads campaigns and increase sales by driving more high quality traffic to their website. They were running text ad campaigns and a Google Shopping campaign that was not regularly maintained.

Zanzi Digital’s free Google Ads audit looked at the existing campaigns to find any opportunities to increase sales or remove wasted ad spend.

The audit also showed that Ecommerce tracking had not been set up within Google Analytics to provide useful reporting information.

Based on the audit findings, Zanzi identified a number of opportunities to improve the performance of the Google Ads campaigns.

Our approach

Ecommerce Tracking and Measurement:

The first step was to implement full Ecommerce and goal tracking via Google Ads and Analytics. Zanzi reviewed the goals with the client and set up a checkout funnel to provide useful reporting information going forward.

Zanzi worked with a web developer to tidy up some website issues and add in necessary code for Google Analytics to start recording properly.

Google Shopping Campaign Optimisation and Management:

The audit had revealed that the text ad campaigns had a low click through rate, a low conversion rate and the average cost of sale was higher than the average profit generated per sale. Zanzi optimised the text ad campaigns to improve performance.

The Shopping campaigns were also improved. This included creating a new Shopping campaign with a more granular structure, allowing bid prices to be adjusted across the product range at the product level. The product descriptions were improved and missing products added to the shopping feed. Ongoing improvements were made to the Shopping campaign as performance was reviewed.

Keyword Research:

Keywords were analysed in more detail to identify which were the best performing keywords. Negative keywords were added to prevent the Ads showing for unrelated keyword phrases. Expensive keywords that were generic and not leading to conversions were paused.

Regular Monitoring and Reporting:

The client was kept up to date on progress with a monthly report showing performance against agreed metrics and costs. Zanzi also discussed recommended modifications to the Google Ads campaign each month with the client, to continually improve results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation:

In addition, Zanzi Digital made recommendations on other digital marketing initiatives to further boost sales for the client. These included usability improvements on the website such as site search, product page layout changes plus email marketing advice.

Ecommerce tracking and measurement
Keyword Research
Google Shopping Campaign Optimisation and Management
Conversion Rate Optimisation

The results

The product range is affected by seasonality, so monthly results were compared year on year (YoY):

  • The number of sales from Google Ads was 9 times higher YoY
  • Monthly Ad spend was reduced by 36% YoY
  • Cost per transaction was 93% less YoY.

The optimisation and ongoing improvements to the Ad campaigns led to reduced Ad Spend and increased sales to dramatically improve the profitability of the Google Ads campaigns.

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