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Tripled new leads in 4 months for B2B service business


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The brief

Cawleys is an award-winning B2B waste management business. Their clients range from the largest shopping centre in Europe to several thousand corner shops with a single wheelie bin.

Cawleys wanted to achieve significant growth in their mobile waste management (wheelie bin hire) business. This is a low margin business and therefore clients need to be as local as possible to keep costs down. They wanted more leads at a reasonable cost per lead.

When we started working with them, Cawleys did not know how many leads came from their website, nor the cost of those leads but they didn’t feel they were getting a good return for their spend on Google Ads.

Our approach

The Zanzi team worked to identify each step of Cawleys’ online lead generation process and built it up to function as a well-oiled machine.


We agreed optimistic conversion rate targets for the first month and subsequent months with the client.


One of the first things we did was to set up accurate and reliable Google Analytics goal tracking on the Cawleys website. This meant the client could now measure what was happening on their website – how many leads it was delivering and at what cost.

Google Ads

Once tracking was complete, we overhauled their Google Ads account to make it a lot more efficient and focused on the best performing keywords. We targeted the Ads at specific towns and villages to ensure that leads would be sufficiently local.

We continually improved the campaign, learning from what worked best, and taking advantage of the most appropriate Google advertising functionality.

Landing Pages

We created a bespoke landing page, with multiple variations to support the different groups of keywords within the Ads campaign, designed to convert visitors to leads.

  • Goal setting

  • Tracking Implementation

  • Google Ads Optimisation and Management

  • Landing Page Creation

Tracking and Measurement
Google Ads
Landing Pages

The results

Once tracking was set up and with all the elements for a successful PPC campaign working together, achievements were:

  • Month 1 conversion rates more than 2 x targets
  • Over 4 months, we doubled conversion rates again
  • 31% drop in cost per lead over 4 months
  • Tripled the number of leads in 4 months

As well as exceeding the initial targets, we continued to drive down the cost per lead by getting more leads and better conversion rates.

These results were far more than anything the client had expected.

At Zanzi Digital we have repeated this process time and again with many clients with great success.

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