Do you know who you’re working for?

“Your time is valuable and precious so learn how to focus on the priority tasks with some basic but effective time management techniques and tools.”

I went on a time management course run by Adhere Training recently.

To my surprise, the course was hardly about time management and more about work efficiency and creating a stress free work environment for ourselves.

This makes sense to me. Isn’t the true end goal of work to get as much done as you can, with as little stress as possible?

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A month in the life of an AdWords Specialist

Week 1, time for monthly reporting

At the start of each month it’s time to report on the previous month for all our clients. As a Google Partner we are required to do a minimal monthly report on some key stats. At Zanzi Digital we prefer to report on a wider range on metrics and then translate that into meaningful English instead of tech gibberish.

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