What is the Search Query Report?

Ever wanted to know what a person who visited your site actually searched for on Google?

Google Ads enables you to see exactly what people have typed into Google before they went on to click on your Ad. This is shown in Google Ads’ ‘Search Query Report.’ This hidden section of Google Ads is, in my opinion, one of the most important tools for an online business.

Why is the Search Query Report important?

There are several reasons why it is useful to see what people are typing into Google before they click on your Ads.

1. It provides great keyword research

By using the ‘Search Query Report’ you can see what people are looking for. When you know what people are looking for, you can adjust your offering accordingly. Modify your strategy including website pages and copy to reflect what the users want.

The knowledge of what keywords visitors are using can open up new opportunities – you will be able to discover niches people are searching for in your sector that never occurred to you before.

2. It is also a great way to see if you have a well optimised Google Ads account

Are you being found for the right phrases? Are your Ads being shown for completely irrelevant searches? Unfortunately this happens all the time with poorly maintained Google Ad accounts. Businesses can waste a lot of money on searches that were never relevant to them.

Examples of this are:

  • Bidding on the word ‘Golf’ as you’re trying to sell golf club memberships. The ‘Search Query Report’ shows that people are clicking on your Ad after searching ‘VW Golf.’
  • Bidding on the phrase ‘first aid’ as you’re trying to sell first aid training courses. The ‘Search Query Report’ shows people are clicking on your Ad after searching ‘first aid jobs.’
  • Bidding on the phrase ‘meeting rooms’ as you’re trying to sell meeting rooms in London. The ‘Search Query Report’ shows people are clicking on your Ad after searching ‘meeting rooms Glasgow.’

These kinds of mistakes happen all the time and the only way to spot this happening is to look at your ‘Search Query Report.’

By identifying irrelevant keywords your Ads have been shown for, you can update the negative keywords for your campaigns and boost your click through rates and Ad quality scores.

Take advantage now – how to look at the Search Query Report

Running Google Ads and want to have a look for yourself at the ‘Search Query Report?’

From the main Google Ad interface find ‘Keywords’ on the left-hand navigation pane. Then click on ‘Search Terms’ on the secondary menu at the top to get your list for the timeframe you have selected.

Not running Google Ads or want to see what your Organic visitors are typing into Google search?

Organic visitors are the ones that find you via Googles’ standard listings featured below the Ads on a results page.

‘Google Search Console’ previously known as ‘Webmaster Tools’ is where you find this information. This can be a bit more involved to access, so get in touch if you would like us to help you.


Worried that you may be showing for searches that are not relevant? Would you like to exploit the abundance of keyword data hiding in your ‘Search Query Report?’ We can help with that!

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