“Your time is valuable and precious so learn how to focus on the priority tasks with some basic but effective time management techniques and tools.”

I went on a time management course run by Adhere Training recently.

To my surprise, the course was hardly about time management and more about work efficiency and creating a stress free work environment for ourselves.

This makes sense to me. Isn’t the true end goal of work to get as much done as you can, with as little stress as possible?

One of the first tasks we were asked to do was to write down everything we would do on an average day at work.

As a Digital Marketing and PPC Consultant, this is mainly preparing reports, client calls, meetings, account management, etc.

I recommend that you write your own list of daily tasks right now, before reading any further, if you want to get the most out of this article.

A few hours after we had completed this task, and when we had forgotten all about it, we were given a second task: to write down the objectives this year, next year and in three years time for yourself, your team and your company.

It should look like this:

 This YearNext YearThree Years

What should be a simple task may actually become quite hard.

What are my company’s three year goals? What is their 1 year goal?

If you not sure of these, then you have to ask yourself: do you know who you are working for? If you don’t know what your company’s goals are, can you really be working efficiently for your company? It made me think for sure.

When it came to my own goals, I had a better handle on them and was pretty happy with them. That was until we went back to the first task we had been asked to complete.

So, what are your goals, and how can you achieve them?

Look at your goals for now, next year and three years. On an average day of work, what are you doing to achieve these goals? Are you working towards them?

In nearly all cases for the people on our course, the answer was no.

The question then became ‘How can you expect to move forward and achieve your goals if you’re not working on them?’

This hit home for me. The reason behind time management is working efficiently and without stress. Understanding your goals is so important to achieve this and something that shouldn’t be delayed.

Is your average day working you towards your goals? Are you being proactive instead of reactive? If not, maybe you need to take a step back and look at how you are spending your time.

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