The Nervous Blogger

Part of my task as the Cicada newbie was to blog. “Go crazy, document your learning, ask questions!” said the boss.

This struck me with fear for two reasons. Firstly, as a naturally shy person, the thought of sharing my inner thoughts for the whole world to see is not something that sits well. Secondly, was a bigger dilemma: documenting my ignorance. How naive is too naive?

As a complete beginner to digital marketing, I’ve been all too aware of just how big a mountain I have to climb. My first couple of weeks were spent frantically trawling through tutorials and how-tos. Fiddling about with Moz resources and breaking Google Analytics. I learned tonnes.

Learning is one thing. But knowing how to talk about this learning is another.

This is where this blog post comes in. As part of my learning I have had to force myself to just get over myself and get my thoughts, problems and solutions down, share them with the ether, and become part of the “community”.

There. I’ve sort of done it. Ten minutes.

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