3 Steps to Improve your AdWords Campaign Using Site Search

  • By: Jayne Reddyhoff
  • 25th September 2015
  • Category: Ecommerce

Your website’s ‘Site Search’ is a valuable way of getting insight into your potential customers’ search enquiries, so that you can adjust your AdWords campaign accordingly. But before you even begin, make sure you’ve implemented an excellent site search feature and checked that it works.

For those of you that aren’t certain what we mean by site search, here’s what John Lewis’ looks like:

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Bright stars at BrightonSEO 2015

In all avenues of life, a handful of facts can make the winning case and change the future of an organization. A classic case has been the relentless inroads made into web statistics by mobile:

Stand still and watch your bounce rate grow alarmingly; get responsive and see the curve head back in the right direction.

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How to Set up Moz Rank Tracking in 5 Simple Steps

One of the best forms of traffic to website is the “free” traffic that comes due to your rankings on Google and the other search engines.  No rankings = no organic traffic.

So it is prudent for most business owners to have a handle on how their website is performing in the search engines. Here we will look at how to set up professional rank tracking for your website.

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Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

In this article I will explain what Google’s RLSA Ads are, why they are important and how you can take advantage of them; all in plain English and without any technical Jargon.

What are RLSA Ads?

Simply put, this is Remarketing for your standard text Ads (Search Ads).

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5 Top Tips for Ecommerce in 2015

  • By: Paul Ajao
  • 1st September 2015
  • Category: Ecommerce

If there is one thing that’s true about digital marketing, it’s that change happens.  Deal with it.

If you’re trying to promote your brand using techniques from a few years ago, don’t be surprised if your results are not great.  Worse still, in a time of ‘Google slaps’ you could actually be damaging the chances of your site ever being successful.

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