Brochure vs Lead Generation Website: An Expert Review

This year we’ve worked with a number of clients who have nice-looking websites produced by designers they know and trust.

It has become clear though, that while these websites look pretty, they just aren’t doing well enough at getting visitors and converting them into leads.

We’ve been speaking to four experts in the industry to find out what they think about this problem.

Our four interviewees are from different professional backgrounds within digital marketing, and their outlooks on lead generation websites reflect that.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts for September 2014

September, and it’s back to class for the school kids. We also joined in, and trotted off to Brighton SEO where, notebook in hand, we learned from the best in the digital industry. Take a look at the slides.

For the students among you, we’ve brought together a reading list from around the web for you to enjoy.

Let us know what you think!

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Back to School at the Moz Academy

At Cicada, I am the “Trainee Digital Marketing Analyst”. And what must trainees do? They must train of course! And that’s just what I do.

Luckily for me, August was handed over to me as an opportunity to develop my own learning programme, and  absorb as much information as I could, so that I could begin adding more value to Team-Cicada.

This gave me a chance to sit back with a cup of tea (and plenty of chocolate biscuits) and enjoy some of the exciting training tools and tips from around the web.

At the top of my list I chose two main platforms:

1) Google Analytics Academy (I will discuss this in a later post)

2) Moz Academy, which I will tell you about now:

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