From bread and butter to big and engaging: content counts at BrightonSEO 2013

Content was king last week at BrightonSEO 2013, a massive one-day conference for the search industry, featuring 40 speakers in three different venues.

Never before has so much up-to-date technology been seen together with so many, er, retro hairstyles.

From the panel of ex-Google staffers, who urged delegates to “solve someone’s problem”, to Hannah Smith from Distilled, who said it was a case of “Go big or go home”, everyone was hammering home the importance of good quality content.

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“Selling SEO” talk at OxonDigital

Well, I did it. Bit nerve-wracking standing up in front of 50-odd people to talk through a bunch of slides.

But I think it was well received and it was certainly good experience for me. Nothing like getting out of your comfort zone every now and then!

My talk was based on a guest post I did last year for SmartInsights, and you can check out the full presentation on SlideShare:

Thanks to Daniel Bianchini for organising the evening and to SEOptimise for sponsoring the bar.

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Hosting the charity roundtable discussion at BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO is fast approaching and I wanted to let you know that in addition to the little sponsorship package that we’re doing, we’re also hosting a roundtable event the day before.

Roundtable what?

OK so here’s what’s happening. The main conference takes place on Friday 12th April. The day before that, the organisers have put on two other things:

  • some training workshops, on topics such as advanced Google Analytics, advanced link building, local SEO, mobile SEO.
  • after the training workshops, a number of roundtables to allow people working in similar roles or similar interests, to meet, compare notes and generally chew the fat.

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