What’s a mega-menu and what’s the point?

We’ve just implemented a ‘mega-menu’ for our rising-star ecommerce client Evolution Organics.

Like any significant development this one has taken time to plan and time to get the detail right.


To see mega-menus in action check out almost any big retail ecommerce website. For example John Lewis, Debenhams, or Heals, a personal favourite of mine Sportfish, or any other big retail brand you care to think of.

What all these sites have in common is a menu that opens up from a horisontal – normally – bar near the top of the site.

If you’re responsible for a retail products website here are a couple of good reasons to consider mega-menus:

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Social Media Monitoring – Part One

This is Sam’s first post on the Cicada blog, and in fact her first post ever! Please let her know what you think in the comments below.

Why should you measure social media, and how do you do it?

We were asked by a client to look into tools to help them monitor their social media presence.

They already had a presence on Twitter and Facebook, and wanted to increase this. They were also keen to understand how to measure their social media effectiveness and what should be measured.

Also, the client was going through a transition phase and wanted to track how the public viewed their company and if that changed over time.

Another key request was decent reporting that they could share with their senior management, but their time available to spend on creating and reviewing reports was limited. We needed to ensure the tool we used was able to produce detailed reports with minimal manipulation of data.

What should be measured?

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