Internet Marketing Strategy briefing, from econsultancy

Econsultancy have just published a 46-page Internet Marketing Strategy briefing which is free to download. It analyses five key current trends:

  • customer centricity
  • channel diversification
  • data
  • social media
  • content strategy

I know about this because they’ve just emailed to tell me. The email, from CEO Ashley Friedlein, said:

“It’s a bit unusual for us to make something like this free. It’s an experiment in ‘content marketing’ – a hot topic in digital marketing and something we examine in the briefing itself.

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Search Engine Optimisation for disaster relief

  • By: Ned Wells
  • 12th July 2011
  • Category: SEO

When disaster strikes across the globe, the internet can become a very competitive place. Charities often put increased effort into gaining exposure and support for their related interests, and the search engine results pages can get clogged up with authoritative news pages and multi-media content.

This climate can make it difficult for a charity to gain the exposure they need, so here are six things you can do to make sure your charity website is doing as well as possible in the search engine results:

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