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Evolution Organics provides high-quality organic supplements for people who care about their health. When we started working with them they were a start up operating out of the founder’s home. The owner told us he wanted to build a sustainable business that would fund his vision to build a holistic healing centre and organic farm.

We spent some time refining user journeys and technical SEO so the site was converting well and would benefit from PPC.

Our Approach

✔ We initially targeted a small range of high priority products, to prove our approach and to generate revenue for the next level of advertising.

✔ We continually improved the campaign, learning from what worked best, responding to changes in the market and competitor behaviour, and
taking advantage of new Google advertising services.

✔ We ran specific campaigns to take advantage of national media events.

The Results

Over a two year period:

✔ Monthly revenue tripled

✔ Number of online transactions increased by 4 times

✔ Ecommerce conversion rate increased from 4.9% to 6.3%

✔ Monthly visits up by 166%

“The key elements of our success are that we take on a trusted role in business planning with our clients and we adopt a ‘continuous improvement’ approach to their online strategy. We invest in continual development of our staff so we keep up to date in a fast-changing market.”

Jayne Reddyhoff, MD Zanzi Digital.

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Transactions Graph

”We asked Zanzi to drive further visitors to the site with ‘Paid Search’ after their initial work to optimise the user journeys. They made a fundamental impact on our business growth. We were very impressed with their work, their commercial approach and their ability to report in a measurable, clear and concise manner.”

Henry Maitland, Managing Director Evolution Organics

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