Improve Conversions by Connecting with your Audience

  • By: Ned Wells
  • 3rd February 2010
  • Category: Usability

I really like the material on UX Booth, and wanted to point you in the direction of this recent article by Aaron Griffith. It offers some helpful, common sense suggestions.

In particular I’m keen to further review the tools he suggests for getting customer feedback about a website. I don’t have time to do that right now but, but including them on my blog should be a good ‘aide memoire’ for me.

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SEO keyword success!

  • By: Ned Wells
  • 22nd September 2009
  • Category: SEO

I did a little SEO experiment this month:

Recently, I wrote a little article for Cicada client First Line IT about one of their clients. We’re writing a series of articles as a low-key marketing exercise, with the emphasis being ‘here’s a really interesting business that we work with’ rather than the more traditional ‘we want to tell you about all the great work we’ve done for this company’.

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Are you led by design, or by technology?

I was asked recently whether Cicada is led by design or by technology. This was in a business development meeting, so I didn’t have much time to think about my answer.

The meeting was with a firm of architects, if you want to know. My off-the-cuff reply was that we aren’t led by technology or by creativity, so much as by the commercial desires of our clients.

But the questions set me thinking.

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