Winning the technology race: 6 simple lessons you can follow from history and business

Despite all the grim prophesies, technological advances throughout the last century haven’t led to mass redundancies, or the end of work as we know it. And there is no reason to believe that recent and imminent technological innovations will either.

But it will be your choice whether you are a winner or a loser in the race to adopt new technologies….

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The cost of inbound marketing – is it really worth doing?

Towards the end of 2015, we made the decision to invest in our own inbound marketing. After all, it’s a service that increasingly we’re being asked to deliver by our clients, and it would look pretty bad if we didn’t do it for ourselves as well.

The evidence is overwhelming that, although it takes time to deliver the goods, the return on investment can be substantial.

Over the next few months we will be sharing our journey with you. It’s our intention to be honest about our successes and failures. We’ll tell you about the obstacles we face along the way and how we overcome them. We’ll share what works, what doesn’t work and the results we get.

We also hope it’ll be a good way to show you how we work, and to demonstrate our agency values: to be as helpful, honest and generous as we can.

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How to turn a negative review into a positive – and save your reputation

As all savvy companies know, a good or bad review can make or break you. And that’s why Google’s local business listing is important.

So you’ve filled in all your details, but then there’s a damaging review. Everyone can see it and no, you can’t remove it.

Don’t panic. Here are our six Golden Rules to saving face when the critics strike!

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Why can’t my web developer make my website produce leads?

  • By: Jayne Reddyhoff
  • 12th May 2016
  • Category: Usability

You paid out for a new website, sat back and waited for the leads to roll in, but nothing happened. Or worse, traffic went down. We’ve known people to go out of business as a result. But it doesn’t have to be that way — read on to find out how to get your website to deliver more leads.

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Cupcakes, prizes and Google Display advertising!

As a Google Partner, we’re invited each month by Google to their Headquarters in London to get all the latest news and training from Google on what is coming up. This month’s ‘boot camp’ was about Display advertising, the image advertising you see on websites across the internet. Unknown to many people these are often run by Google.

As well as Google cupcakes and prizes, this was an intense training course to get Google partners clued in on everything Display.

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Why do all marketing proposals have to be so generic?

If you’re looking to get more and/or better leads from your website, the chances are you’ll have already approached one or more digital marketing agencies for a proposal.

The trouble is, if those agencies haven’t worked for you before, the proposal you receive is probably going to be pretty generic. So why not ask for a detailed six-month plan instead?

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