Using outsourced support: how to get buy in from your colleagues

  • By: Guest author
  • 4th December 2015
  • Category: Zanzi

kate-mercer-leaderslabThis post has been written for us by Kate Mercer, Director at LeadersLab UK.

Kate’s helping us to develop from being two companies that have come together with a lot of good intention, into a single well-managed business.

Let’s say you’ve been tasked with finding expert outside help to support you in an important piece of work for which you don’t have the relevant expertise in house.

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Talking Digital Marketing Tactics, at Queen Mary University London

Last Friday I went into Queen Mary University London to deliver a three-hour session on digital marketing to a large group of IT undergraduates.

This was one of 10 teaching sessions within the Entrepreneurship in Information Technology module – an optional module that is always oversubscribed. There are 60 students, in 5 groups of 12 and they have each come up with a new business idea which they will explore and plan throughout the 12-week module.

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